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Coachella Valley Mental Health

and Substance Abuse Programs/Services

Our Mission...


The mission of the Riverside County Latino Commission is to provide programs and services for those in our community who are facing problems of substance abuse and/or problems with mental health issues. We see ourselves as an extension of our community and have dedicated ourselves to develop access, prevention, and treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

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To increase the accessibility to alcohol and drug abuse recovery services for Latino/Migrant Farm Workers by developing culturally sensitive programs; and networking with existing programs to improve their ability to better serve this unserved constituency.

Know someone who needs help?


​If you or someone you know is struggling with problems related to drugs or alcohol, give us a call.  All calls are confidential and our friendly staff are available to assist you in finding the best resources available.



We proudly accept:
*Plans and assistance for low income familites are also available.
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