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Adolescent Outpatient Substance Abuse Program 

This program consists of a minimum of one to nine contacts per week for a period of one to six months. It is structured into educational components that introduce each adolescent to the nature of substance use, the pros and cons of substance use, the management of feelings such as anger and fear, communication skills, how to cope with difficult situations, and individual and family counseling. These classes are linked with discussion sessions the goal of which is to explore the relationship of the educational concepts to each individual’s personal process in an emotionally safe and exploratory fashion. Specific individual issues identified in the group process are referred to individual counseling sessions where personal advice and specific interventions are discussed and implemented when appropriate.

Specific Aspects of Our Program:
Staff conducts a comprehensive assessment that covers psychological and medical problems, learning disabilities, family functioning, and other aspects of the lives of adolescents: school, home, social and public activities as well as parental involvement. The program reflects developmental differences between teens and adults and is built on a climate of trust, which maximizes engagement and retains teens in treatment. Our program staff is well trained in adolescent development, co-morbidity issues and substance use. They address the distinct needs of youth and relate those needs to the gender and ethnicity of our clients.  At the same time, because our staff is culturally aware and sensitive, they respect the many beliefs and values of the community they serve.


Goals for the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program:

•  Develop ways to help teens achieve their hopes and dreams
•  Help parents to understand teens better
•  Improve parenting
•  Improve social, and family functioning
•  Reduce alcohol and drug use
•  Reduce any health risks

The program has a strong teen driven aftercare program, which continues to address relapse prevention, aftercare plans, and follow-ups.
Our program also undergoes a rigorous evaluation process that measures success and improves treatment services.

Dr. Keith Simpson, M.D. is the medical director for the program. Dr. Simpson reviews selected treatment plans of staff and consults on many cases. Clients are referred to other agencies for medication and other diagnostic assessments when appropriate.

























The help you need is a phone call away: (760) 398-9000

Cost for service :
 We accept : Medical, IEHP, P.P.O ‘s, Private Pay, Sliding scale for low income families


Agency Values

The following is a list of the important values our teens exercise to provide a safe and trusting environment for everyone.

1.  Everyone is respectful to each other. Threatening anyone is not allowed.  Harming anyone physical or verbally is forbidden.  Our treatment community needs to be a safe and accepting environment for people to express their feelings and opinions without fear of retaliation.

2.  No one is allowed to come “high” in any fashion. Some people are trying very hard to stay away from alcohol and drugs, and we want to help them to attain that goal.

3.  Everyone respects the property of the agency by refraining from defacing or abusing it in any way.

4Everyone is encouraged to avoid risky behaviors that put himself or herself or someone else in danger. Any form of physically risky behavior, such as engaging in any behavior that could expose someone to a drug or alcohol environment, or exercising poor judgment can have unfortunate and often harmful results.

5.  We want to help anyone that might be going through a difficult, confusing and painful time. Our teens are expected to let us know if someone is very upset or wants to hurt themselves or someone else

For more information...

If you'd like information on the Adolescent Outpatient Program, please feel free to contact us at 760.398.9000 or you can fill out this form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


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